Monday, 20 September 2010

Inspiring sewing rooms

My landlord is going to install new windows in my little flat. This is good news even though everything will be messy and dirty for a few days, but it is a good chance to re-organize everything.
I have been thinking about how I'd love to have a craft-sewing room. I think I would definitely be more creative if I had a room like these ones:

Nevertheless, I can't have a sewing room like these, so I have to resign myself with a little and unconfortable corner for the time being. So my aim is to turn my little corner into a space as inspiring as these:

Heather Ross "Sewing Weekend"


  1. Wow yo quiero uno, mi espacio creativo mide un metro cuadrado jajaja, y la organizaión dice mucho a la hora de trabajar:


  2. sew...inspiring!
    one day we'll have our own, you'll see!


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