Saturday, 23 March 2013

Bloggers I love

What do you think the best craft bloggers have in common? In my opinion, and besides being talented and quite regular in posting, they have great sense of aesthetics and good knowledge of design, photography and IT. One of my favourite things to do is browsing those blogs that contain a perfect blend of personal pinches and talent, and I wish I had the skills to blog like my most admired bloggers. However, I think I am an observer rather than a doer.
I really do not aim my blog become popular, yet I must admit I enjoy when I find I have a new follower on my blog. I like posting comments on my favourite craft blogs as well, even though some bloggers do not even bother to say thanks or stop by your blog when theirs are not so popular either. However, I must say most of them are so nice. Hence, these are my top-five bloggers:

5 Mona W.: her sewing projects are the cutest! I do not remember when I became a  follower of her blog, but when I see a new post of hers on my dashboard I just wish I was as gifted in sewing as she is.

4 Verykerryberry: her patchwork tutorials are just awesome! She also nicely replies every comment you make on her lovely blog. She teaches young children for a living, and I have the feeling she is the kind of teacher that every mom would want for her children.
3 Saidos da Concha: I got to know her blog when she apeared in "Ikea Family" magazine and became a follower of her blog since. I love her use of fabrics and her eye for mixing textiles. I find her blog a great source of inspiration due to the blend of pinches of her diary life and creativity.
2 Pink Penguin: Ayumi is talented, generous for sharing her amazing tutorials and very sweet when she replies every comment you make on her blog. She is releasing her patchwork book on the 23th of April and cannot wait to have it!
1Yummy Lavender: she is just my favourite. First of all, because I discovered the blogosphere thanks to her first French blog, which was called "Embo Coud". Secondly, she also encouraged me to start sewing and blogging. I might be biased because she's been my friend for years, but cannot avoid it she is just my top and the one who inspires me most.

Now I wish you told me what your favourite bloggers are!