Thursday, 29 November 2012

Baby Boy Bibs

I must admit I am awful at IT: trying to labeling my posts properly I deleted a nice post I published around a year ago by mistake. It was titled "Olivia", you might remember I posted a few items I made for a lovely newborn girl. I also deleted all the pics I made... Anyway, to compensate that lost I am showing you some baby boy bids I made.
I used 100% percale cotton fabrics. You might remember this other bib I made with the same set of fabrics. This time I backed them in toweling.

Do not they look nice all together?

Monday, 26 November 2012

Working on

 I do not know how many times I have wished to have a sewing space at home. Just a simple nook where all my materials would be tidy and handy. My fabrics are in a box, my working table is where we have lunch and my sewing machine is in another dark room. It is not really an excuse, but I am sure that if I had everything in the same place I would finish my projects sooner and, in general, my sewing would be more productive if it did not take me at least half an hour to get ready to sew.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Assembled Hexagons

I am definetely hooked on the English paper piecing technique.
An aunt of mine is taking a patchwork course, which she is really enjoying,
she showed me her patterns and creations with English paper piercing technique and found it quite cute. However most of the designs were flower designs and a bit too much. 
So we did some research about this technique and came across this post full of hexagon resources.

I find hexagon technique simple, quite entertaining and perfect to recycle fabric scraps.
Now I just need to think about what this project is going to turn ... maybe a cushion, a quilt, a bag... ideas are welcome!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cushion II

This cushion meant to be a table mat for my adorable niece. It was not a good idea though,
due to the linen fabric I used to make it. So, in the end, it turned up a little cushion.

I am glad to see projects I started months ago start to take shape.
Hope the next will be a baby boy quilt I started no months but almost two years ago!