Thursday, 29 November 2012

Baby Boy Bibs

I must admit I am awful at IT: trying to labeling my posts properly I deleted a nice post I published around a year ago by mistake. It was titled "Olivia", you might remember I posted a few items I made for a lovely newborn girl. I also deleted all the pics I made... Anyway, to compensate that lost I am showing you some baby boy bids I made.
I used 100% percale cotton fabrics. You might remember this other bib I made with the same set of fabrics. This time I backed them in toweling.

Do not they look nice all together?


  1. ¡Lo bien que quedarían en el cuellecito de un sobrinito mío!
    Tita Bea ;o)

  2. Hope they find a lovely home soon. Perfect for a baby boy indeed.


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