Thursday, 24 October 2013

Fabric Stash

The polka dot maroon colour fabric has become a protagonist in both my lastest posts and my hearder. I got this (expensive) fabric in this shop and I have already run out of it. Neither to say I really have made use of it. To take the most of the last pieces of this fabric I had of it I made another piramic pouch (this time for my aunt).

The flowery fabric is from the same shop and made a heart-shaped lavender bag with the left-overs. The inspiration for lavender bags comes from Yummy Lavender, who makes them in dozens for events such as weddings or Christmas.

Finally I want to share this new (and unexpensive) fabric I purchased with the aim to make another lunch bag, yet do not really know when, since my wish-to-make list increases as much as my working time. Anyway, where there is a will there is a way, do not think?

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lunch Bag

Working life is not leaving me much time to enjoy doing things that make me disconnect, such as sewing. I finished my first lunch bag a while ago, but as I was not happy with the cord I had I did not post the pics before. Yesterday, I got up early and went to the centre to my favourite supplier shop and got a nice cord for it.  I also got some towelling to make some hooded towels and bibs for 3 three newborn girls, who are welcoming the world next month.
It is a pleasure to follow Pink Penguin's tutorials: the outcome is always gratifying.