Saturday, 28 August 2010

Sweet Home

I have been away on holiday in my favoutite places ( I'll post some pics soon) for more than a month. I have had a great time! However, when you are away you always miss those apparently insignificant things such as your pillow, some piece of clothes (specially when the clothes you have packed in your suitcase don't really suit with the weather :( ) or just drinking water from the tap (tap water in Madrid is the best one in the world! , much better than bottled water). I have been in lovely and beautiful places, but there's nothing like being in my beloved little flat and do the things I love, such as lie down on my sofa to read magazines and catch up on other blogs: Yummy Lavender made some lovely lavender wedding favour, Pink Penguin has just come out a new great tutorial, it has been Miss Pelicano's blog first aniversary, Lotus Sooz is amazing in this photo shoot,...
My time at home would not be the same without my "high-tech air conditioning" and this new ikea fabric cushion I made to put my feet on.