Saturday, 2 November 2013

Change of mind

I got this flowery fabric because it reminded me a cheap version of the liverty fabrics of London. As I mentioned in my last post I got it to make another lunch bag... Nevertheless I thought it would be nice to use it to make a baby set of hooded towel and bibs for a newborn baby girl. I am happy with the result and hope the new parents also like the fact I avoided the typical pale pink for baby, which I also love it, by the way. Yet it is good to do something different for such special little people. 
The bad thing comes when I got to the shop this morning to get some more of this fabric and it was all sold out :-(  I still got a piece of it, but not enough for the lunch bag I had in mind. 


  1. All parents are happy with this set, it's a superb, useful idea for a newborn. We still use both pieces every week!
    I hate it when you love a fabric and it runs out in the shops-especially if it was a cheap and lovely one like this one!

  2. This is lovely! Hope you have been well. I've been so busy lately I havent stopped by your blog in a while..

  3. This is so awesome! The color is pretty perfect for the lovely newborns. I love that hooded towel, it looks so cool and that baby bib is really cute. Too bad to know that the fabric you want to buy was sold out. I like everything in this post. Pretty little babies deserve pretty things too.


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