Sunday, 26 January 2014

Giving Clothes a second chance

I have been wearing stretch jeans for the last six years, due to they are mainly what you find in shops but they are also comfy and nice to wear boots over them. However I always find hard to find jeans that fit me just right: sometimes they are so tight that my thighs look like stuffed meat. I do not have thin thighs, I have is a small waist instead, which is not a good combination when wearing jeans, due to most jeans cause a huge gap in the back of the waist! Jeans should absolutely not do this. The perfect pair of jeans must fit my waist, hips and butt without exposuring any skin. I found MY jeans in H&M years ago, I am not a fan of that shop but there they were and bought a couple of them in the same year. I love their colour and how they fit, however I have worn them so much so long that they are complete worn out...Guess where, none other than on the inner part of the thighs. My mum mended them for me by adding a piece of fabric underneath. It worked for a while but they eventually broke again.

I do not mind going shopping and buying new ones but I really find frustating to try on a million pairs and not finding a simple one that fits me properly, I just do not feel like. The solution has been googling and finding a video tutorial to be able to long-lasting mend my jeans.

Here is outcome. I have already worn them a couple of times after the mending and seems I am going to wear them for long while giving them a second chance in my little crammed wardrobe.

Talking about giving clothes a second chance: I have a white sporty type cotton top that I have worn so much that it just tore as I was rolling up the sleeves of one of the cardigans I usually put on over it. This happened to me a while ago and kept the top in order to rip it and make cleaning cloths. I remembered it as I was mending my jeans and I decided to give it a second chance as well. So I cut off the tear part and sewed it up with the cuff. Although the other sleeve was ok, I obviously had to cut it off as well. So now I have a white cotton top with shorter sleeves.

Have a lovely week!


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