Sunday, 13 January 2013

Grey is the colour

I think I have an obsession with grey colour: the walls at home, the linen and if you look at my wardrobe I have all kind of clothing in that colour: sweaters, dresses, a coat, a pair of boots, socks, etc.
And talking about future mommies a have around me I made this hooded towel for a baby who is coming very soon. Neither pink nor blue, I think pale grey is the colour that suit babies most without regard the sex. Many people associate grey with sadness but for me is calm and serenity.
Since it was the first time I made a hooded towel, this tutorial was a great help! The lovely baby gift baskets Lidia makes are also a great source of inspiration, aren't they?


  1. This looks lovely, I love the polka dots.
    Can you put a link to the tutorial? I'd love to see what Lidia does. Also - is that your new bathroom?

    1. I know you love polka dots ;)
      There's already a couple of links in the text: just click on "this tutorial" and "baby gift baskets". Don't they work for you?
      Yes, that's my new bathroom!


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