Monday, 1 April 2013

A Little Gift

Is it rewarding to give away something to someone who apreciates the meaning of handmaking? I must say my mini make-up bags are highly apreciated among my friends and family. Mainly because I do not make a lot of them because of lack of time. Actually, I made this one in a rush for a friend who went to live to Sweden. As I am usually in a hurry I sometimes do not have time to take pictures of the things I make and give away. But this time I managed to take a few nice pics.

It is the second time I have used my own pattern. The first time I could not take any pic though, guess why.


  1. Very pretty, I love the fabric too!

  2. Superb fabrics! Another lovely little item.
    It's a shame we've missed a few of your items- you have to take more pics!

  3. What a lovely gift for friend.... Beautiful idea.

  4. I love bags! This is gorgeous :)

  5. I see why your friends like them so much, the bag is adorable! I make a few things for friends (mainly bags and scrunchies) but lately I have been doing all their alterations for them!


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