Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sunglasses Case

I have been on holiday for just 4 days and must say I feel like a different person. This school year really has been profesionally enriching, but tremendously busy and hard as well. I was just looking forward to disconnecting and relaxing myself. 
Even though I had to attend a couple of meeting and help my brother to enroll in a new school, I managed to spend a few mornings making some sewing stuff and trying to become familiar with my new laptop (the old one died, RIP)
Well, first of all I made a list of the things I had, in some ways, pending to sew. This list has 10 sewing  projects I want to make before summer finishes. I dusted off my sewing machine, took my fabrics out, (I did not even remember I had some of them, which was a nice surprise, by the way), and browsed my books, patterns and the blogosphere to get my sewing skills unrusty . In the process I came across my sunglasses I thought I lost. These are not a big deal and are not very good quality either, however they deserved a nice case they did not have so far. 
So, I added a new item in my list and started with it. Here is the result:

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  1. Extra cute! Welcome back to the blogosphere, I missed you!
    I love it when I go through my stash of fabric and find some that I'd forgotten about, it usually makes my day too ;)


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