Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Project Done!

You might remember this post about paper piecing technique I posted last year. I have had this unfinished project on my working chair for months without knowing what to make with it very well. I used to take it away everytime I sat down; so, eventually I thought the perfect place for this project was where it usually was.
So, I took this obsolete (and ugly) cushion cover off...

I recycled the zip and added a back...

and here is my new cushion cover!

I have already mentioned about the dark nook where my sewing machine is and how much I wish to have a bright and handier place to keep all my crafty stuff. For the time being, nothing has changed, except my new cushion cover, of course!


  1. Ker pow! No news for months and now so much going on...I can tell you re on holiday!
    I absolutely love the hexies chair seat, it's totally cute! This is such a good idea, and even if your little sewing corner is still dark, at least you can be comforted that it's your very own space with lots of personal touches. Nice!

  2. That is such a pretty cushion

  3. Me encanta la funda patchwork que has hecho! Creo que me haré una jijiji



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