Tuesday, 23 July 2013


When I was a child my dad used to tell me I was found in a rubbish bin because I was just curious about what people threw away; in case there was any kind of "treasure" for me. I have not lost that curiosity, and I still enjoy finding things that are useless for others and convenient for me.

Otherwise, look at these little baskets I found yesterday on a rubbish bin. Please, do not misunderstand me; I am not saying that I enjoy looking in the bins (that is a bit disgusting). People like me have a method: every time we throw something away and think it could be useful for somebody else, we do not put it just in the bin, but on it or in a strategic place near the bins, that people could easily see it and take it if they want to. Obviously I gave them a deep wash before putting my fabric in. For the littlest white one I also want to make a kind of inner fabric bag.

I follow some American and Canadian bloggers and I really enjoy those posts in which they find lovely pieces of furniture, clothes, haberdashery items, etc. for ridiculous prices.In my city there are not many second hand shops, and I do not think the prices of the few of them we have, are real bargains. That is why I love those charity shops in England and needless to say the yard sales in the States and Canada...

By the way, if you think your children may have this kind of "curiosity" do not tell them what my dad used to tell me: I had a kind of trauma suspecting they really found me in a rubbish bin and was adopted.


  1. Good find! I would have picked those up too, they look in very good nick.
    I'm also intrigued by your hexies...

  2. No te lo vas a creer, pero el domingo yo también me encontré una cesta con su funda interior y todo y una caja con un montón de casetes al lado del cubo de basura. La cesta estaba en perfecto estado, pero la caja de las casetes la tuve que tirar de nuevo a la basura. Kisses from BCN

  3. What a lovely post! I love charity shops and hunting for bargains. We are very lucky in the UK to have so many!


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