Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New Header

Yes, I have changed my header... but do not really know if I am keeping this design... 

Anyway, the "back to school" is just here, and getting ready for it is what I have been into for the last few days.  I have a new school year resolution, or I should call it challenge... whatever I call it I just want to improve my I.T. skills and be able to use them both professionally and my leisure time.

I have attended to a few teaching seminars in which you could see how motivating and useful I.T. is for teaching and have had in mind to create a teaching blog for my students, in which they could participate posting the great projects they make for the class. However, it is taking me a long long time, especially because I am just useless at I.T. and do not want my students know it!

As I have been on holiday I have had the blog and my sewing projects a bit apart, but on my aim of becoming "fluent" in I.T. I designed this new header for my blog yesterday, just to practice editing with "picmonkey". The most difficult part comes when my aim is to create buttons to external links of pdf documents... I have come across some useful blogs with lots of blogger tutorials, but when they start talking about html codes I cannot help but start yawning... but I will not give up!

The header is not the only thing I should change on my blog but it is the first thing I have got rid of, even though I must confess I was fond of it since it was with me since I started my blog, in December 2009.



  1. I loved the old, but the new one is indeed looking good as well! Nice font-especially the cute!

  2. I'm so with you on all of this! I would love to update my blog header but can't remember now what I did the first time and am frightened of messing it up! One day ...
    Yours looks lovely :)


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