Friday, 30 August 2013

Working on a new bag

I have already used Pink Penguin fabric bag tutorial a few times (click here, here, here or here), but it is the first time I am using the lunch bag tutorial. If you have not used any of her tutorials yet, I do recomend you to do it, including those amateur seamstress around the blogosphere, like me. They have plenty of great pictures that guide you gently through the process. The problem I found was that I am not familiar with inches (and my tape measure either), but I use an on-line inch-cm converter and piece of cake!
Ayumi also uses a lovely rich range of fabrics. My fabric stash is quite limited, so I am just going to use a three fabric convination.

The outcome in the next few days.


  1. Can't wait! Nice fabrics, as usual!

  2. I love Ayumi's bags too! Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. You may not have a lot of fabric but what you have goes very well together :)

  3. Hi
    Thanks for visit to my blog :)
    I love your craft ❤


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